Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2016
Team: LCA Design
Service: Shop Interior Design
Client: SSQ Restaurant
Initial inspiration from the Chinese skewer. By extracting the basic geometry shape from skewer, we defined some symbolic graphic elements for our design interpreting.
The wood panels and ceramic tiles are embed into a yellow aluminum frame work which shaped like simplified skewers. Assembled with LED lights the skewer wall not only visually capture the attention of passing people but also capture the spirit of the traditional food.
We use yellow and timber color as light color scheme intend to apply in the dining area to make it tide and clean. The dark color scheme will be applied in the service area to avoid daily stains.
We mainly use white paint and tiles accompany with wooden materials. Since wood has a sense of warmth which also reflects the wood sticks used in skewer become a perfect part in this design. Others like yellow aluminum are mainly used in frames and small cabinet components. Black tiles and some black woods are also used.
the display counter
Inspired by traditional Chinese skewer bowl, the bowl shaped wooden counter with attached lighted logo become the center of the attention when you step in.